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It’s me, Michael Lasch, hi!

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Video Game Developer

Coworking Office Owner

Current Projects


Our follow-up to Hypnospace Outlaw! This project is currently in development. I’m working as lead programmer and secondary designer with Jay Tholen, Mark LaCroix, and the team at No More Robots, our publisher. Dreamsettler is being made in Unity, and will be released when it is ready.

Watch our reveal trailer below, and wishlist Dreamsettler on Steam!

Hypnospace Outlaw

A ’90s internet simulator in which players act as Enforcers, volunteer moderators who scour Hypnospace’s surreal network of weird and wonderful websites to hunt down wrongdoers while also keeping an eye on their inbox, avoiding viruses and adware, and downloading a plethora of apps that may or may not be useful.

I had the pleasure of being lead programmer and secondary designer on this project, along with Jay Tholen, Xalavier Nelson, and Corey Cochran, and the team at No More Robots, our publisher. Hypnospace Outlaw was made in Construct 2, and released in March of 2019. Currently I’m on stand-by in case we decide to update the game because of bugs, or to add extra content.

Check out the screenshots below, and learn more at Also come join us in our Discord! We’ve got a great, friendly, inclusive group here:

Previous Projects

My old Android games can be found on Google Play, including Neon Snap, Boot the Dispute, and Paragon Infinite.

A few of my other video game projects and curiosities can be found on

I’ve also made tools for developers which you can find on the Clickteam ClickStore. If you are a game developer using Clickteam’s Fusion products, you might find these useful! These are listed under my old developer name, Bipolar Design.

EverWorks Coworking Office

If you’re looking for a place to work outside the home in the Olympia, Washington area, check out my coworking office EverWorks! EverWorks is also where I do the majority of my work as a video game developer.

(EverWorks LLC is a completely separate entity from Michael Lasch LLC, I just mention it here to have a complete picture of my work all in one place)

Want to work together on something, or just want to know more about myself and my projects? Contact me!